I’m very sorry about how this space just kind of dwindled away…that was because I didn’t feel like I had enough options and things I could do with it.

I have now moved to my own site, which I made with the help of Weebly tools.

Check it out!

I can now do my own thing for free, and not inside the limits of Spaces.

It is free and has unlimited bandwidth, storage, and upload size!!!!

Feel’in good. 

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Microsoft Security Essentials (Codename “Morro”)

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Disaster-Proof Hardware; Books

First of all, a friend told me about ioSafe Disaster-Proof Hardware.  These hard drives can survive fires and floods, and if something goes wrong, you have at least a 1-year recovery warranty so you can send the drive back to get your files recovered.

Now I have to tell you, these aren’t the cheapest.  I just bought a 1TB external drive that was about $100.  Getting a 1TB ioSafe Solo External Hard Drive is $229.99, with the smallest possible warranty.

I won’t be buying one, because my 1TB HDD has quite a lot of room.  But if want a safe drive, this may be for you.



I like fantasy books.  The Inheritance Cycle books are my favorite, with The Lost Years of Merlin close behind.

I like books with/where:

  • A good against bad plot …where the main character is “good”.
  • Only one main character, who is a young male.
  • The main character has special powers that most people don’t have.

If you know of (a) book(s) that matches these points, please PM me.



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Oh Go “Bing” It

Any of you heard of the new search engine Microsoft is going to release on June 3rd, 2009 (or around then)?  It’s called “Bing”.  Yep, nice and simple.  Of course, lots of people don’t like it.  But “Bing it” sounds nice, no?  It is simple, pronounceable, short, and clear.  The same goes for the logo.  You don’t want something that you can’t read and understand.

This blog has a lot of Bing pictures.


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Updates and Happenings

I’m sorry for once again not updating this blog/space recently.  That is because of three things: first, I was on a few-day trip where I didn’t have a computer; second, I had my birthday on May 17th; and third, I’m sick.

In addition to some of the other things, I got a cooling pad and speakers for my birthday.  :D  I had “needed” both.


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Latest Happenings with Win7 (not one of the million guides out there)

I decided that I wasn’t going to be left out … so I went ahead and installed Windows 7 on a separate partition.

Well, the install was nice and smooth.  And Win7 was snappy.  So I started installing some of the programs I like.  Then it “happened”.  Even though Win7 is supposed to be compatible with Vista apps, some “important” ( ) ones didn’t work.  Especially any CD/DVD mounters.

And then my elite reasoning came into play.       I decided that it wasn’t worth it to try and get everything just the way I like it, and then have to install the final when it comes out. 

So I went right back to my “nice” Vista setup, deleted the Win7 partition, and put the extra space into my main partition.



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More Ramblings, Rudra Video Review, Books, Etc.

I have to admit it: I haven’t been posting a lot here.  I kind of go on “spells”.  For example, right now I’m on a book-reading-spell.  So I haven’t been too active on my computer.

But I have made a video review of “Rudra” here: Rudra Review Video

Now, back to the book topic. I have been rereading (3rd time :P) the Inheritance Cycle series (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and book 4 which isn’t out yet ).  I want a new series like it.  The Ranger’s Apprentice was interesting.  But I have read all the books released to USA.
I want these kind of books:

  • Fiction/Fantasy.
  • In a series that is finished (Optional, but I hate having to wait for the author to release more books).  Or, just one big book that isn’t “connected” to others.
  • Good books.  I want books that don’t have anything bad.    Note: the bad doesn’t mean no wars/fighting.  I like ‘strife’ in a book.  :D  And a minimal amount of “romance”.  Not into that.  ;-)
  • I prefer the main character to have some special/magic abilities.  An "abnormal" (in a positive way ;) ) person.
  • And I want the books to be long.  Yes, I fly through ~500 pages in a few hours, if I like the book.



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